Webinar: How to fill the forage gap amid price rises

Monday 28.03.2022 , event

The state of nitrogen and feed costs don’t need repeating. We all know 2022 is going to be a tough year, and farmers are already talking about making changes to their systems to survive it.

Not surprisingly, farmers are nervous, says Ben Wixey, national agricultural sales manager, who will chair the webinar. “It’s why we’re running the session. We’re supporting farmers through this difficult time, keen to share our knowledge and expertise to help alleviate the challenges ahead.”

Homegrown forage

Germinal’s grass and forage production experts will focus on homegrown forage and protein alternatives, explaining to attendees the opportunities they may have on their farms.

Armed with case studies and research data, the Germinal team will demonstrate how different plants perform, helping farmers make informed choices for their specific farming system.

Clover and brassica

“Clover is at the forefront of people’s minds so we will cover different clover varieties and how to gain the best from them,” Ben continues. “We’ll also explain the benefits of growing brassicas and how they can enhance forage production.

“The one-hour webinar aims to be a reminder of what’s available, what might fit your forage production plans this year and how to manage crops successfully. There’ll also be time for our experts to answer individual questions.”

Germinal's experts have decades of experience in supporting farmers by recommending the ideal grass and forage seed for their system.

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