New expertly developed mixtures for SFI 2024

Wednesday 27.03.2024 , News

With the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI), English livestock farmers can receive the support needed to be environmentally sustainable while continuing to feed the nation and balancing the books.

Many farmers have already received approval to proceed with their chosen SFI actions and Germinal has highly productive and compliant mixture options, advises grassland expert Harley Brown-Keech.

Backed by years of Germinal Horizon research and trials into multi-species and legumes, we can provide expertly formulated SFI mixtures for actions for soils (SAM), nutrient management (NUM), and integrated pest management (IPM) in 2024 and beyond.

Please note that the following SFI mixtures are compliant with DEFRA guidance at the time of writing. Make sure to consult DEFRA’s latest guidance if you need clarification on claiming SFI.

SAM3: Herbal leys mixtures

With farmers potentially receiving £382 per hectare each year, SAM3 mixtures are of major interest. And Germinal can offer a mixture with a productive edge, having previously led the way in an AHDB trial comparing GS4 multi-species mixes.

Germinal’s core SAM3 mixture combines high-quality multi-species varieties with Aber High Sugar Grasses (Aber HSG) for added production and environmental benefits.

Compared with standard ryegrasses, Aber HSG varieties can produce more meat and milk while reducing emissions when used as the primary grasses in mixtures. This happens due to Aber HSG enabling livestock to capture more of the protein in grass, causing less to be wasted – learn more here.

Find our full SAM3 mixture breakdown here, with mixes also available with or without red clover and chicory.

Where overseeding is needed, there is a specialised mixture with higher quantities of Timothy, Cocksfoot, and Soft-leaved tall fescue – find the species breakdown here. And you can find organic versions of our SAM3 core and overseeding mixtures.

There is also an Overseeding Herbal Legume Pack available without any grasses, helping reduce competition during establishment. This is provided as a 20kg per hectare pack which can be found here.

SAM2: Multi-species cover crops

While SAM3 mixtures are formulated for grazing, the primary aim of SAM2 is to establish multi-species cover crops over winter. With £129 per hectare per year available, farmers can also benefit from improving soil health and structure while reducing erosion, runoff, and nutrient leaching.

Germinal’s SAM2 mixture combines Aber HSG varieties with Timothy, berseem clover and a white clover blend to ensure compliance – see the mix here.

NUM3: Legume fallow

Under the NUM3 action, SFI participants can claim £593 per hectare each year by establishing a legume fallow with flowering plants from late spring through autumn. Once established, no grazing of NUM3 ground is permitted under SFI.

Germinal’s NUM3 mixture is formulated with legumes that will improve soil health and manage nutrient efficiency while supporting biodiversity on your farm – click to see the mixture breakdown.

IPM3: Companion cropping

SFI’s integrated pest management (IPM) actions are designed to help farms combat pests by creating habitats for pest predators. Farms can also benefit from companion cropping to suppress weeds and reduce diseases while minimising the need for harmful insecticides.

Comprising Westerwolds and berseem clover, Germinal’s IPM3 Companion Cropping mixture is SFI-compliant for applicants seeking £55 per hectare per year for participating – click here for the mixture.

Trust the forage experts

Backed by research and on-farm trials, Germinal has SFI-compliant solutions that perform. Contact a Germinal expert below to discuss your requirements.

William Fleming, Area Sales Manager (Scotland, Northeast England)

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Paul Morgan, Area Sales Manager (Southern England, South Wales)

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Harley Brown-Keech, Area Sales Manager (Central England, North Wales)

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