Helping farmers transition to a sustainable future

Monday 09.08.2021 , News

Germinal is part of a new industry-wide initiative to support farmers transition their businesses to a sustainable future. As the Government phases out the BPS (Basic Payment Scheme) and introduces alternatives, farmers are being encouraged to produce food in a way that protects and enhances the environment.

This new project called Transition, from Farmers Weekly, brings together organisations from across the supply chain to help farmers make that move.

Commenting on Transition, Germinal GB’s managing director, Paul Billings said: “For us, becoming a Transition Partner, within a network of farmers, industry stakeholders and influencers, was a logical step. Our unique knowledge of seed development means our climate-smart Aber High Sugar Grasses (Aber HSG) are already helping farmers tackle the environmental challenges they face. Aber HSG varieties are scientifically proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from livestock. They help rumen bacteria convert more plant protein into meat and milk with less wasted as ammonia and methane. Good for productivity and good for the environment.

“Our on-going focus on research and development guarantees our continued innovation in this area to deliver production benefits and increased profitability while addressing environmental impact.”

farmers weekly transition


Transition aims to provide relevant and timely information and advice and follow a cohort of farmers through the change process. Our grass and forage seed specialists are ideally placed to be involved, giving technical expertise and practical knowledge. Our national agricultural sales manager and grassland expert, Ben Wixey is featured in the first podcast, offering advice to Transition Farmer James McCartney, a beef and sheep producer working to balance his financial and environmental goals. Having struggled to establish herbal leys within his Countryside Stewardship, Ben explains how and why to sow multi-species swards successfully. Click Here to listen to the full podcast

As well as podcasts, Transition offers webinars, a learning centre and online tools, as well as regular supplements in the weekly publication. Click Here to find out more.

With one in three farmers said to be unprepared for the BPS withdrawal, the need for advice and action has never been stronger. Now is the time for farmers to look closely at their farming practices to secure farm productivity and profitability in a new sustainably focused world.

To connect with one of our experts and learn more about how our climate-smart products can help farm productivity Click Here.

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