Seed Plant Investment Geared to Enhanced Customer Service

Wednesday 18.04.2018 , News

As reported by Germinal GB managing director Paul Billings, who says the improved customer service now resulting from these latest developments is an essential step in future-proofing the company’s interests.

“We’ve installed an automated bag filling, palletising and pallet wrapping line capable of highly responsive functionality and outputs of over 500 bags per hour,” he says. “We’ve also erected a new 18,565 square foot fully racked-out warehouse to effectively double our capacity to store finished goods.

“This means we can meet our customers’ orders for forage and amenity seed faster and more accurately, improving what is already renowned as a very dependable next-day delivery service.”


Agriculture grass seed

Germinal GB’s agriculture division supplies the multiple award-winning Aber High Sugar Grass perennial and hybrid ryegrasses alongside a range of innovative forage crop seeds including white and red clovers, hybrid brassicas, root crops, pasture herbs, lucerne and maize. Innovation in crop types and methods of utilisation has helped Germinal establish a position of leadership in the arena of forage-based sustainable livestock farming.

Amenity grass seed

In the amenity market, Germinal GB supplies landscape, sports turf and amenity grass cultivars, as well as an extensive selection of UK-specific wildflower varieties.  The company also distributes a range of state-of-the-art phased-release and speciality fertilisers, backed up by FACTS (Fertiliser Advisers Certification and Training Scheme) qualified support and advice. Germinal’s amenity division now markets some of the best performing tennis, golf, football and rugby seed mixtures and provides no-nonsense product support to the landscaping sector.

Germinal has built a reputation for innovation and knowledge transfer in both the agricultural and amenity sectors. The company has also recently announced an investment in a new research station that will further improve the quality and performance of its future products.