Germinal celebrates innovative grassland management in UK

Tuesday 22.03.2022 , News

Germinal is sponsoring three prominent British farming awards this year. It forms part of the company’s commitment to working with the agricultural industry towards a climate-smart food future for all.

Sponsoring three grassland management awards in 2022

“We’ve partnered with the three most prestigious awards for grassland management in the UK, mirroring our position at the pinnacle of innovation in grassland excellence,” explains Paul Billings, managing director of Germinal GB.

“By sponsoring these awards, we are celebrating progressive grassland farmers and telling their stories – to inspire learning and share best practices throughout the industry.”

Grass is this country’s biggest crop and carbon store, making it a powerful tool in UK farming’s future, and its effective management is the foundation of sustainable livestock production.

Do you know an outstanding farmer who delivers the most from the best grassland possible? If so, please see the following nomination details.

Farmer’s Weekly Grassland Manager of the Year

Deadline: Thursday 31 March 2022

farmers weekly awards

Grassland Manager of the Year recognises the farmer who maximises their grassland, delivering the best possible nutritional benefit to their livestock. Entrants will need to show how they manage soil quality, seeding, growth, pest control, grazing and cutting. Judges want to see approaches that stand out from the crowd or drive forward the propagation of climate-friendly grass.

To learn more, read about the 2021 Grassland Manager of the Year and the 2020 Grassland Manager of the Year.

Applications are online at Famers Weekly

british grassland societyBritish Grassland Society’s Grassland Farmer of the Year

Deadline: Friday 17 June 2022

Beef, sheep and dairy farms from across the UK can enter this competition to reward and celebrate the UK’s top grassland farmers. Entrants are expected to demonstrate their knowledge and skills through profitable and sustainable pasture management. The judges want to hear about achievements across the full lifecycle of new pastures, covering planting, grazing, cutting and reseeding.

Apply through the British Grassland Society 

British Farming Awards Grassland Farmer of the Year – New for 2022

Deadline: Friday 24 June 2022

grassland farming

Open to dairy, beef and sheep systems, this new award celebrates farmers who are pushing the boundaries of grassland management and developing innovative grazing systems. Short-listers will need to demonstrate their knowledge and skills through yields, quality of forage crops and climate-friendly grass.

Apply online via the British Farming Awards

Grassland reseeding guide

You can seek advice on grassland reseeding by reading this helpful guide.