Face-to-face farm walks return

Thursday 29.07.2021 , News

We were delighted to hold a series of farm walks over the last fortnight, with thanks to our generous host farmers. The events offered attendees the opportunity to see the proactive approach to grassland management being taken by three farmers achieving outstanding livestock performance from forage.

In Wales, using quality grazed grass and silage to produce cost-effective home-grown feed underpins the whole farm approach taken by Rheinallt Harries. Having tried one Germinal Aber HSG grass mixture, Rheinallt is now using a range of them, including multi-species, to fulfil his production goals.

Also employing a rotational grazing system to support their all-grass, spring-block calving enterprise, the Marrow brothers have paid close attention to finding the best high-quality grass mixtures. Having grown the milking herd from 350 to over 1,100 cows across three units in Cheshire and on the edge of the Staffordshire moorland, the brothers illustrated the benefits of tailoring their choice of grass mixture to each site’s requirements.

Finally in Scotland, the now productive fields of high-quality grass are plain to see on the challenging hillside terrain of John Goffin’s sheep and deer farm, south of Edinburgh. Previously a ‘traditional’ hill farm 1,200ft above sea level, John is using brassicas and high sugar grasses to produce more home-grown forage for his 400 hinds and 400 breeding ewes.

All three farmers have not been afraid to try something new and are now reaping the rewards of the approaches they’ve taken. As well as hearing from the farmers themselves, attendees gained expert technical advice and practical insight from Germinal’s forage specialists.

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