BGS 2022 Grassland Farmer of the Year: 2021 Winner’s Farm Walk

Friday 06.05.2022 , News

Germinal is proud to sponsor the British Grassland Society’s (BGS) Grassland Farmer of the Year award.

Germinal sponsoring 2022 Grassland Farmer of the Year

Germinal has long been committed to innovation that breeds highly productive grass and forage seed that can also yield environmental benefits.

We are excited to sponsor the BGS Grassland Farmer of the Year award because it lets us discover and reward the most innovative grassland farmers in the UK. We share the passion of BGS when it comes to finding the UK’s best grassland farmers.

“Germinal is the market-leading grass and forage seed specialist, producing high-performance varieties for the agricultural and amenity sectors,” explains Germinal expert Helen Mathieu, who will serve on the judging panel.

“Germinal leads research into sustainable farming practices while our progressive plant science programme of trials and development work provides valuable industry data on innovative forage species and cropping systems.

“We are proud to sponsor the BGS Grassland Famer of the Year competition highlighting best practices in grassland management.”

Entries invited for BGS Grassland Farmer of the Year

We believe that efficient farming can improve both financial and environmental sustainability. We see this as our chance to find the farmers out there who are pushing the boundaries of managing grassland and can share their knowledge and practices.

If you are committed to outstanding grassland management or know a farmer who is, then please submit an entry here – we would love to hear your story.

The competition is open to full BGS members along with affiliated local society members. Why not submit an entry and see how far you can progress?