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      Livestock Grazer

      Developed with grass, chicory, plantain and a white clover blend, this mixture produces a nutritious three-to-four-year ley for grazing livestock.

      Puna II perennial chicory is the superior choice of chicory when seeking a broad-leaved forage crop as part of a mixed sward with grass and clover or grown alone in a pure stand. It can boost growth rates and productivity to finish stock earlier. This perennial variety bred in New Zealand, gives greater persistency lasting 2-5 years, longer than the short-lived common chicory.

      Puna II benefits

      • Long persistency of 2-5 years
      • Good compatibility with perennial ryegrass
      • Capable of producing 10 tonnes dry matter/ha/year
      • High-quality feed throughout the summer
      • Valuable mineral content for optimal growth and development
      • Suitable for finishing stock, calves and flushing ewes
      • High digestibility to drive growth and productivity
      • Rapid regrowth after grazing
      • Tolerance to drought and disease
      • Improved soil structure
      Kg/Acre Variety Type
      4.00 AberWolf Perennial Ryegrass
      3.95 AberEve Hybrid Ryegrass (T)
      0.40 Puna II Perennial Chicory
      0.40 Endure Perennial Chicory
      1.00 Tonic Plantain
      1.50 AberDairy White Clover Blend

      T = Tetraploid

      Livestock Grazer benefits

      • 3-4-year medium-term ley
      • Ideal for lambs, flushing ewes, beef finishing youngstock (or calves)
      • The grasses in this mixture offer improved grazing and ground cover in autumn

      Perennial chicory seed mixtures

      Please ask one of our experts if you want to learn more about our Puna II perennial chicory seed mixtures.


        Sowing rate 13.00 kg/ha (5.25 kg/acre)
        Sowing time March/April or August/mid-September
        Sowing depth Maximum 15 mm (1/2 inch) or broadcast
        Sowing instructions Drill into a fine tilth

        Moist and warm soil conditions (minimum 5˚C)

        Roll before and after drilling for good soil-to-seed contact


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