Germinal to sponsor major regen ag show Down to Earth

Thursday 16.05.2024 , News

This year, Germinal is a headline sponsor of Down to Earth, a major regenerative agriculture show organised by RABDF and a staple of the UK grassland farming calendar.

At Germinal, we understand that regenerative agriculture principles can improve soil health, drive sustainable production, support animal well-being and help reduce environmental emissions.

“Down to Earth has a fresh approach by hosting the show on-farm and demonstrating sustainable production using regenerative agriculture principles,” says Ben Wixey, Germinal Agricultural Director.

Germinal to sponsor major regen ag show Down to Earth

“Grosvenor Farms is a superb venue for this year. Operating across 2,340 hectares, Grosvenor shows that a high-quality dairy system can produce sustainably at scale while increasing carbon sequestration and enhancing biodiversity.”

Sustainable forage varieties

“After attending Down to Earth since the beginning, Germinal is delighted to become a sponsor,” Ben adds. “We will offer grassland advice and present our sustainable forage varieties, which are developed and trialled by Germinal Horizon, our research and innovation division.

“These varieties include the award-winning Aber High Sugar Grass range, which increases protein use efficiency in livestock to boost production and reduce ammonia emissions.”

Germinal to sponsor major regen ag show Down to Earth

“We are further supporting regenerative efforts with clovers and multi-species mixtures that can improve soil health and reduce the need to apply artificial nitrogen.

“Growing quality homegrown forage ultimately supports regenerative efforts and ensures farmers are less dependent on expensive bought-in feed.”

Ask the Germinal experts

Visit the Germinal stand at Down to Earth to discuss how sustainable grassland production can be achieved. Come see us on Wednesday 3rd July 2024 at Grosvenor Farms in Cheshire – book your tickets here.