New Aber HSG mix for multi-cut silage systems

Tuesday 06.02.2018 , News

Comprised exclusively of high-ranking Aber® High Sugar Grass perennial ryegrasses, Aber HSG 2 Multi-Cut is designed to produce large quantities of leafy high-quality silage from frequent cutting during the period of peak grass growth.

A balance of diploid and tetraploid varieties, with a tight spread of heading dates, provides the essential elements of high D-value and outstanding silage yields, plus good ground cover and persistency, to ensure consistent performance over a six-to-eight-year period.

Aber HSG 2 Multi-cut

“From a recent survey of UK dairy farmers, we are reporting a significant shift towards the more progressive approach of earlier and more frequent cutting,” says Germinal GB National Agricultural Sales Manager Ben Wixey. “This approach is being referred to as ‘multi-cut’ and we’re leading the way by creating a new version of our Aber HSG 2 specialist cutting mixture.

“The formulation will work particularly well for those aiming for an early first cut, then taking two subsequent cuts at four-weekly intervals. With this approach, the potential is there to make the main proportion of the season’s grass silage by mid-July, allowing high-quality grazing for the remainder of the growing season.

“Ultimately the aim is to make higher quality grass silage, to create the potential to produce more from homegrown forage. This mixture has the ingredients to maximise ME yield per hectare and create a higher energy grass silage to underpin a forage-based approach.”

Aber HSG 2 Multi-Cut is included in Germinal’s 2018 Forage Seed catalogue. There is also an option to include the long-lasting red clover AberClaret in this mixture, to provide additional protein content. All Aber High Sugar Grass varieties included in the mixture are high–ranking on the 2018 Recommended Grass and Clover List.